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Tips on Finding Your True Love

When you raise the question, ‘how to find true love’, you’re creating a platform for another question, ‘what is the definition of love’, which is certainly difficult to answer, if not more complicated than the former question. Before I plunge into discussing more about true love, it makes sense to understand this most powerful, miraculous and significant phenomena on this Universe. There is an inherent desire in all of us to love and be loved. It is an inbuilt need in our personality that fosters our physical and psychological growth. Finding true love hence becomes one of the most elusive searches for a human being. Each one of us is flummoxed on the question is there anything called true love? Does it exist in this age of infidelity, staggering divorce statistics and broken relationships.

Finding True Love

Love Yourself First and Everything Else Falls in Line
Finding true love is not difficult if we are willing to embrace and accept ourselves. It is surprising but true that to love someone deeply, you have to love yourself. Learning to love yourself is not about being narcissistic. It is more about how you value yourself. How confident and sure you’re about your decisions? Think over these questions, carefully. Do you love yourself truly? As a person, do you have respect and acceptance of who you are? Do you try to develop and groom your personality, to live a more enriching life? Do you accept yourself with all your faults and strengths?

Answering these questions can automatically help you realize your self love. I know I’m no authority in the subject, but experiences have thought me that very often we lack a deep sense of respect for our own self which eventually leads us to fall into relationships that are more about the initial euphoria of love. Loving oneself goes beyond relationships. It is a way to live life. Unfortunately, even if a relationship ends due to some issue, a person who loves himself or herself, won’t get drowned in complete helplessness. Yeah, don’t get me wrong here. I don’t say that a person who values himself or herself, won’t be broken if the relationship fails. I’m trying to emphasize the point that someone who truly has respect for himself or herself will be matured enough to understand that just because a relationship ends doesn’t mean that self love and self appreciation don’t exist in life.

Physical Intimacy + Emotional Bonding + Deep Friendship + Spiritual Affinity = True Love
Another aspect of true love is that it is not a need based situation but your commitment springs from the natural desire to stay together. I know society has fabricated the beautiful institution of marriage and many people marry for numerous reasons other than love. This is where seedlings of marital problems are sown. Many people, I know, didn’t even give a thought as to why they want to get married. Just because everyone is getting married doesn’t mean that you should also follow the crowd. The decision of two partners to stay together must be based on love and commitment, not just the idea of love, but practical dimension of love.

To find true love, you should look at various aspects before entering in a relationship. Are you both mutually attracted toward each other? You both must have differences in thoughts, ideas and opinions but you must not be so different that mutual co existence remains a distant dream. You must be physically attracted (romance is vital) but it must not be that you’re there for nothing but sex. You and your partner must be good friends. Being friends is important so that you both can learn to share your difficulties as well as happiness. Lastly, one of the most important aspects of true love is that you both may have many ups and downs in the relationship but you both can laugh it off at the end of day and reinvent the love. This attribute is important to sustain long term relationships.

Everything Comes to Those Who Can Wait
Believe me, there is no magic wand to find true love. You have to be patient and it may take time to understand yourself, your partner and your relationship. Rushing into relationships is something that must be avoided. There is a beauty in waiting patiently for the right partner. This doesn’t mean that you don’t date anyone or you’re just closed to any advancements from the opposite sex. Just go with the flow and understand that if love is there, it will certainly find you. You can give your efforts to make a relationship work and whether or not, it is true love, you will be able to know as you progress in the relationship. A healthy relationship can be considered to be an example of true love between a couple. Also, there are many benefits of being single. You’re completely alone and that is the time to understand yourself more deeply and come out as a more balanced and better person.

Many people who want to find true love online must understand that it is important for the partner to meet in person as only then one can understand each other in life. So now you can find your true love by weighing your relationship, your partner and yourself on above parameters. Talking about true love in the limitations of this article is certainly an impossible task. I just tried to give you a glimpse into the mysterious world of love. What do you think about true love? Have you ever experienced true love in your life? Share your thoughts with us, down in the comments column.

Ways to Get Back with Your Ex

images-4Sometimes, it’s the distance that make us realize how much a person means to us. At times, in spite of knowing that the other person really loves us, we start taking them for granted, only to find that one fine day they are gone. It is when the reality of a breakup hits a person that they realize what has happened. Being so used to the care and company of someone, imagining a life without them seems very hard.

Understand your Feelings
The foremost thing is to be sure of your feelings. Do you really want to get back together? What is the reason behind this? If you want to get back just because you cannot be alone, it is a bad idea. However, if you feel that the other person makes you feel complete, where it adds meaning to your already fulfilled life, you can consider getting back together.

Analyze the ‘Breakup’
The next thing to do is to rethink why such a situation arose in the first place. Did you do something that pushed your ex-boyfriend or -girlfriend away from you? If yes, do you think that you can change that very thing about you? Or was your breakup due to some serious issues, like your partner wanting to commit, but you preferring a more freer relationship? So, if you are really serious, be prepared to turn a new leaf.

Give It Some Time
Give yourself, as well as your ex, some time before you start initiating contact. Leave a gap of at least three weeks, so that both of you have enough time to think things over. If your ex is really hurt, the time apart will help them heal. This way, when you do initiate contact to get your ex back, at least they’ll respond to you.

Focus on Yourself
Do not think too much about it. You must prepare yourself for any situation; things may or may not work. So in the meantime, focus on your health and work, and try to remain positive. A fit, successful, and happy person, is admired by all.

Get in Touch
To get back with your ex, maintain contact. Call them up. Tell them that you called just to say hi and to check on how they are doing. Do not at any point talk about getting back together with them, or you might scare them away. By talking to your ex, you will get a fairly good idea of how they feel about you.

Become Friends
Once you are in regular touch with your ex, try becoming friends with them, again. Call them on alternate days, chat for a while, or send funny texts, or even email. If they have some issues or problems, make sure that you are there to lend them a ear and helping hand. Hang out together, even if it means going out in a group.

Ask for a Date
Finally, if you feel that the two of you have become emotionally close again, ask your ex-girlfriend out on a date. If you are someone trying to get her ex-boyfriend back, suggest dating or being a couple, again. In either case, if your ex says yes, then things can be worked out. If they need time to think things over, there’s still hope. However, if your ex refuses point-blank to go out with you, I suggest you leave this whole idea of getting back together with them.

Going back to your ex after a breakup is never easy. He or she may have started dating someone else and may no longer respond to you. Or worse, even if you start dating again, the same issues which led to the breakup might crop up. So, there’s no harm in giving it a try, but at the same time, be prepared for any outcome.

Online Dating Tips for You

download-2Dating and being in love is human tendency. With the world getting closer with internet and life getting too busy, dating and love have also taken Internet as a mode of expression and communication. Be it online dating or face to face meeting, you will need some dating tips if you are totally new to this. These tips will help you play safe and win over in internet dating.

To help you with this I have listed a few dating tips that will help you while engaging in internet dating:

  1. Online dating has many services like FriendFinder,, etc. you need to first decide what are you looking for. Such kind of services are general dating facilities. The other type of service is something that tests your compatibility and helps you get into serious kind of relationships and marriage. The third kind of service is building your network with your friends and family far away. Sites like Facebook and Orkut help you with this. The fourth kind of service is that caters especially in dating. They help you get your date. The last fifth online service helps you in merging online services with offline modes.
  2. After choosing the service you want, you need to follow up and be alert in your online date. Right from you start dating each other till you decide to meet, you have to be alert and safe. You need to be careful in online dating. You should know what information you should share and what you should not from a person whom you have just met online.
  3. Profile- your online profile is your identity. Like when some one meets you and the way you dress up and speak leaves an impression on other’s mind, in online world, your profile does this for you. Create a winning profile and try not be fake except for contact details.
  4. Keep your profile information and pictures updated. A person will judge you by what you are today , so provide your recent look and information.
  5. Communicate well though online. In fact online communication becomes more difficult than the face to face to communication. It might cause many misunderstandings so be clear and perfect in your communication.
  6. Respect the other person. Do not try to show someone that you are superior. This will leave an impression that you are very arrogant and proud of yourself.
  7. Do not lie. One day you might decide to meet your online date. Lying will put you in big trouble.

Follow these online dating tips to enjoy a safe and interesting internet dating.


Ways to Fix a Broken Relationship

images-3Want to know how to mend a broken relationship? Well … it really isn’t that difficult. Three simple steps―Analyze, Apologize, and Amend. The end of a relationship is not the end of your life. Sounds familiar? Well, in actuality it is! It is the end of two lives together. It is going to make you feel sad, bad, and mad. But give it a rest for some time and clear your mind of all thoughts. Once you have clarity of thought, ask yourself if you really want to patch up. If it’s a yes, continue reading.

What To Do

Analyze your relationship since the day you first started dating. Then slowly, try remembering all the good times you guys shared together. Also, try to think of the bad times. Can you think and point at a phase when things started going very wrong? Now that they have passed, do you think those actions and reactions were justified then? Don’t try and conclude that you were wrong because you want to get your ex back. If you were wrong, try to recollect why you behaved like that then. What made you do it? At the end of this thinking session (yes, this may seem a bit technical), you should note down:
Were your actions justified? If yes, what are the things that justified them?
Is it possible to fix your broken relationship without hampering your self-respect? Don’t mistake that for ego.
Do you agree that you made mistakes? If you haven’t, then why are you taking the initiative?
Now, you need to Apologize for the mistakes you make. Chances are you might even get back after some days without you apologizing, but a lot of things will remain unspoken in that case. So, make a list (yes, do it) of the things you did, that you actually shouldn’t have done. Send these to him in a letter or just text them to him; apologize for all of them. Trust me, it’ll work. You need to know that being responsible for your actions is the only way; the only mature way to work things out. Also, remember that when you are apologizing, do not point out the places where he went wrong. Just talk about yourself. I’m sure he will forgive you. Everyone forgives a true heart.

The need to amend things is very important while getting back together properly. You have to amend what needs to be amended; change the wrong to right. You need to forget these bad memories by replacing them with the good ones. Go out, do things for each other, and make it happen. If you really want it to happen, think of only positive things. Stay happy and the person with you stays happy too.